Sterling Silver Celtic Cross Medium – S4934


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Sterling Silver Celtic Cross Medium

The Celtic Cross in this pendant dates back to the ninth century and creates a strong connection with the wearer’s faith as well as with Irish tradition. This striking medium sized sterling silver version has been engraved with Celtic knot-work. This cross pendant has been Irish hallmarked in Dublin Castle. The pendant’s outer circle is also meaningful, representing eternity. Includes a 18 inch sterling silver rolo chain and a Celtic Cross presentation box.

The Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross dates back over 1,500 years to when Christianity was introduced into the Celtic lands of north Western Europe. It represents a mixture of two separate cultures, with the new Christian religion and the older Celtic traditions forming a unique society especially in Ireland, Scotland , Wales and Brittany. In the earlier Celtic Cross , celtic spirals and knots are interwoven onto the cross. The Celts believed that these never ending knots represented the never ending journey of life from this world to the next  and back again, thus combing Christian symbolism with Celtic. Latter version of the celtic cross are found carved with passages from the gospels.

Celtic crosses can be found dotted all over Ireland and are made of stone standing around seven to 10 feet tall.

Like many Celtic symbols, the Celtic Cross has different meanings and symbolism attached to it. For some, the symbolic meaning comes from the ring around the arms and base of the Cross, and the idea is that the circle offers support and strength to the Cross.

Others believe that the ring represents continuity and eternity. Different suggestions indicate that it also represents the spiritual realm, while others believe it symbolizes the Celtic Shield.

Some experts also believe that the four arms of the Cross represent the four directions: North, South, East, and West. Another theory implies that the Cross represents the four Celtic elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.

Additional information

Metal Type

Irish Hallmarked Sterling Silver

Chain Type

18" Sterling Silver Rolo included


Height (Inches) 0.83 Height (mm) 21
Width (Inches) 0.55 Width (mm) 14
Total Weight (g) 2.82


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