Sheep & Shamrock Baby Blanket



Sheep & Shamrock Baby Blanket

Blending quality and tradition Aran Woollen Mills offers the very best in both traditional and contemporary knitwear. Located on Irelands wild Atlantic coast they are truly inspired by their unique environment, drawing inspiration from their unique surroundings into every design to produce products that reflect the rich history of this enchanting part of the world.

Traditional Soft Merino Wool Sheep & Shamrock Baby Blanket  from Aran Woollen Mills in County Mayo, Ireland.

100% Merino Wool

Made in Ireland


38 inches in length and 27 inches in width,

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38 inches in length and 27 inches in width

Knitted by

Aran Woollen Mills, Westport, County Mayo, Ireland


100% Merino Wool


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