Celtic Pearl Trinity Necklace 10K Gold




Celtic Pearl Trinity Necklace 10K Gold

This stunning Celtic Pearl Trinity Necklace in 10K Gold from Shanore Irish Handcrafted Jewelry in Dublin, Ireland, brings together two hallmarks of integrity and spirituality: the pearl and the Trinity knot. It seems fitting that the oldest known gem should be paired with an emblem of timelessness. The gold braids of the knot appear to clasp the pearl with a gentle magnetism, and the white tones of both natural elements create a look of purity.

An 18″  10K Gold Box chain with a  Bolt Ring Catch is optional.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Meaning of the Trinity Knot

Dating back over The Trinity Knot is the most well known and loved of all Celtic knots and in modern times has been given as a token of promise; to love, to honor and to protect.

To the Celts the number three was considered lucky and was associated with many things; mind, body, spirit; earth, sea and sky and beginning, middle and end – continuity. The Trinity Knot represents the belief in the number three and the intertwining the continuity of all things. The never ending knot represents the journey of life from this world to the next and back again symbolizing how life and eternity are interconnected.

The Trinity Knot has been adopted from ancient Celtic art by Christianity as a symbol of the Holy Trinity; Father, Son & Holy Spirit.



Additional information

Metal Type

Irish Hallmarked 10K Yellow Gold


Pearl 6mm


WEIGHT: 2.3 grams
WIDTH: 6mm
HEIGHT: 15mm

Chain Type

18" 10ct Gold Box Chain, Bolt Ring Catch – Optional

Add a Gold Chain

No – Charm Only, Yes – Add an 18" 10K Gold Chain (+$70)


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